Development of Card Games
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                            Toys are the partners of children and the skylight of wisdom. With the continuous development of society, in addition to traditional toys, there are new toys that integrate high-tech technology and modern design, such as electronic game consoles, electronic pets, emotional interactive toys, smart toys, table games, etc. , Among which table games have been rapidly developed in the toy industry in recent years due to the increase in its social demand. In today's toy market, tabletop games outstands with features like various types and wide range of user. Both the young and the old, both students and office workers like to play tabletop games.

                            Jiang Yurui from the School of Art and Design of Tianjin University of Science and Technology mentioned in the "Art Research Express" published by Hans Publishing House that in tabletop games, card game are easy to carry, no need electricity and require no special game environment. So it’s many popular among many people, especially young people.

                            In China board games have only begun to develop in recent years, and a number of excellent board games have emerged. For example, the popular card games "Three Kingdoms", "Journey to the West", "Werewolf", etc. are outstanding representatives. The common characteristics of these tabletop games being popular are based on Chinese traditional cultural elements, adding modern design concepts, and using cards to achieve these features. Among which traditional cultural are the essence of the source of tabletop game creation.

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